Thursday, August 14, 2014

Traveling with the Elderly

This could be you!
Are you a senior-aged human who is preparing to travel abroad? Are you planning to bring another elderly  relative or friend along on your next journey? If so, plan ahead so you can enjoy your trip! Consider the following tips:

1.      Health Insurance. Medicare does not cover health care overseas. It is highly recommended to obtain short-term health insurance before your trip.

2.      Pharmacies and Medications. Pack an ample supply of routine prescription meds for the duration of you trip. Keep medicine in its original, labeled container to avoid questioning at customs and carry a letter from your doctor that details your condition and medications.

3.      Local Conditions.  Talk to your doctor before your trip to identify your health care needs
 at your destination. Research the environmental conditions of your destination that may affect you including altitude, pollution and the safety of local drinking water.

4.      Personal Time. Keep in mind that abnormal physical and mental activity undertaken during travel is strenuous, no matter your age. Don’t forget to build enough personal time into your travel plan; whether to rest from a long walk or enjoy an additional travel site.

5.      Prepare for Emergencies. Leave emergency contact information and a copy of your passport  with family and trusted friends. Know the contact information of the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate in the country you are visiting.

And remember: reserving online with Airlines Parking  ahead of time is just as important as preparing for your journey! Bon Voyage!

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