Thursday, March 26, 2015

5 Tips for Traveling with Allergies

With the first day of spring coming soon, allergy season will be on the rise. Do you suffer from allergies related to pollen or hay? When traveling from Detroit Metro Airport to your destination, your allergens may kick into high gear. Here are 5 ways you can plan in advance in order to keep your watery eyes at bay:

  • Bring the comforts of home. Do you sleep with a dust-proof pillow case or use allergen-free sheets at home? Roll your pillow case into a small ball and bring it along during your trip. It will take up relatively little space and will help reduce your allergies while you sleep.
  • Pack all your medications in your carry-on. Resist the urge to pack your medications in your checked luggage. You will need to access your medications easily and quickly in case of an emergency. Think you need a certain amount of doses during your trip? Double that amount so you don't run into trouble.
  • Pack nasal saline spray. Surprise surprise: the air in plane cabins is abnormally dry. Nasal spray doesn't cost much and it will save you tons of trouble in the long run. Use the spray once or twice an hour to keep your nasal passage clear and hydrated from the dry air.
  • Book "smoke free" hotels. Even if a hotel has "smoking" and "non-smoking" rooms, the policy is often not strictly enforced and people bend the rules to their advantage. The best way to ensure you won't have to deal with pesky smoke is to book a hotel that does not allow smoking indoors at all.
  • Check the pollen count. Check the pollen counts from grass, trees, weeds etc. at your intended destination. This way, you will have a better idea of what you will encounter.
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