Thursday, July 17, 2014

Flying with Pets

 Sometimes you just want to take your furry friend with you on vacation. Other times, you are moving halfway around the world and leaving your best friend behind simply isn't an option. First-time flying out of Detroit Metro Airport can be nerve-wracking for pets if they are unprepared. Airlines Parking has compiled  these simple tricks for navigating air travel with Fluffy or Fido:

1.      Calculate the costs. Believe it or not, there are charges for flying with your pet. These costs can range from $75-$200 for a one-way flight. Research airline rates ahead of time so you aren't stunned by these fees when it’s too late.

2.      Visit the vet. Call your airline and find out if they require vaccination and health documentation for your pet. Find out if your pet has any health concerns that will make flying more difficult. Even better: research local vets at your destination so you’re prepared in case something goes awry.

3.      Pick the right time. Early morning or late evening flights work best in warmer Detroit weather while midday flights are better in colder months. If possible, book a nonstop flight to minimize your pet’s anxiety

4.      Prepare the carrier. Putting your pet in a strange kennel the day of your flight out of DTW and hoping it will be calm is a recipe for disaster. Instead, place the animal in the container a few times at home. Line the bottom with a familiar blanket and include a favorite toy to provide a sense of security.

5.      Pile on the exercise. They day before and morning of your flight, exercise your pet as much as possible. The goal is to tire them out so they are relaxed on travel day.

6.      Don’t forget food and water. No matter how short you think the flight may be, always pack food and water in your furry companion’s crate. Freeze water before you leave home for easy transportation and a cool refreshing treat once the plane is in the air.

7.      Ditch the Drugs. The American Veterinary Medical Association advises that owners never sedate their pets when flying. The combination of tranquilizers and high altitudes can prove fatal.  

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